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Permanent Make-Up

Wake up with perfectly applied makeup everyday!

Have you ever thought to yourself?
I am tired of drawing it on.
I don’t know how to do it right.
I can’t keep it on while I exercise, work in the yard, swim, etc. If so, than permanent make-up is a perfect choice for you!

What is permanent make-up?

Permanent makeup is the art of using pigment color to tattoo permanent eyebrow makeup, permanent eyeliner makeup, and permanent lip color makeup.

Why choose Absolute Face & Body Medspa for your permanent make-up needs?

Creativity, technical skills, artistic talent, and knowledge of facial features and make-up design beyond the bare basics taught in training vary tremendously. “Here at Absolute Face & Body Medspa, our permanent make-up technician has over 25 years of experience in this specialty industry. We pride ourselves in providing a precise application, that is virtually painless, and all in less than a hour!

This procedure is FDA approved, and widely performed across the globe”.Our specialist has extensive training in all the latest techniques & styles.

What are the different applications available?

EYELASH enhancement (lash line enhancement) is a lighter/softer shading in the lash line to create the appearance of a thicker lash line – a barely there eyeliner.

EYEBROW hair simulation is a technique that resembles individual eyebrow hairs. The fill-in technique produces the solid shaded look you have when using an eyebrow pencil. A brushed on technique looks something in between the two. The graceful up-curve of the outer eyebrow is seen on many of the beautiful models in glamor magazines. Even famous renaissance artists painted faces with the outer brow arch. A graceful, clean arch makes the eyes look bigger, and the face more open and receptive.

LIP-COLORcan be custom mixed for a shade similar to your favorite lipstick. One procedure typically produces a light/ medium result; two procedures produce a medium/ dark result. Results vary depending on color applied and amount of pigment implanted. The final shape of the lip can be altered to make both sides and the top and bottom match better. A shapely cupid’s bow is the icing on the cake. Lip fullness can be enhanced or minimized by tattooing on the outside or inside of the edge of the lip just as you would draw it with your lip liner pencil.

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