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Haven't heard of this term before?

Nowadays its very popular and common term used for removing unwanted hairs and getting permanent solution. Electrolysis for permanent hair removal is very easy and simple process. It doesn’t have side effects and you just need to have certain visits to the consultant, and feel the difference that it makes to your skin. Thinking of electrolysis hair removal results, you can bet for the best results. Hair on your body and face is effectively removed by electrolysis hair removal treatment. Furthermore, it shows the best results pertaining to your skin color and skin condition.

What are the main causes of unwanted hair?

Growth of unwanted hair can be a hereditary or hormonal effect.
Also some side effects of certain drug or illness can cause growth in unwanted hairs. Its not like that hair are unwanted or should not be there on body, but when they are at wrong place like upper lip of women, hand and arms.
Then considering electrolysis for permanent hair removal is a wise decision, and the results will make your body more attractive.


How exactly electrolysis hair removal works?

Electrolysis can be said as method of removing unwanted hair from body and face, and the best part is its permanent hair removal method. The device used for electrolysis hair removal results, known as epilators are used to destroy the hair follicle or we can say the growth center of hair with the help of short wave radio frequency. Further in electrolysis hair removal a very fine probe is inserted in hair follicle to the surface of skin and then hairs are removed gently and harmlessly by forceps.

Types of electrolysis hair removal:

  • Galvanic: An electro-chemical current used to treat the hair removal.
  • Thermolysis: A heat current used for hair removal produced by radio waves.
  • Blend: Combination of above two methods to produce an electro-chemical reaction and effective result.

    How many treatments are needed for permanent hair removal?

    It depends on the area for which you are getting treated, and also on person to person, electrolysis hair removal sessions can depend on your skin color too.
    Each session of electrolysis hair removal lasts between 15 minutes to one hour.

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