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Ombré Eyebrows

When it comes to your eyebrows, chances are good you spend a fair amount of time perfecting their shape and style. That said, there are plenty of ways to perfect your eyebrows. Read on to learn everything you need to know about ombré powder brows.

What Are Ombré Eyebrows?

Ombré eyebrows refers to a semi-permanent method of shading the brow to perfect their shape, fill in sparse areas, and create a gradient effect.

The ombré brows technique uses a machine to create pixelated dots that create a powder-like, shaded brow look that starts light at the front of your brows and transitions to being darker at the ends.

How Long Do Ombré Brows Last?

You’ll be happy to hear that ombré eyebrows actually have a pretty long lifespan. You can expect them to last between two and three years.

Ombré Brows Aftercare: What To Expect

Opting for ombré brows means you won’t have to wake up early every morning to perfect your arches, but they won’t look flawless right away. Typically, your brows will take seven to 14 days to heal. During the first seven days, avoid getting your ombré eyebrows wet—and yes, this includes showering and washing your face. You should also avoid intense exercise, applying makeup, and spending prolonged time in the sun! To help the healing process, you’ll need to apply an ointment daily throughout the duration of your ombré brows healing stages.

Keep in mind, when you have ombré brows done, you’ll receive detailed instructions on aftercare, which you should follow.

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